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Are you looking for one of the best small business opportunities ?It's a great direct selling company!

Small Business Program

Why is Urban Circle such a great direct selling company ?

Urban Circle offers you the American Dream on your terms by owning your own business. We have adopted a training program that is like none other. Review the information below about our industry.

The Promotional Products Industry is a $20 billion industry and growing. Promotional products are one of the most accepted forms of advertising, and often sold by dealers for a direct selling company. Virtually every business advertises with promotional items because it's effective and often the most direct way to deliver a message. 72% of tradeshow attendees who receive a promotional item remember the name of the company and most people keep their items more than one year. Promotional products are an incredibly effective form of advertising, one that companies turn to over and over.

If you are a graduate of our program you'll define success on your own terms, set your schedule and work the hours that YOU want to. After completing this program your small business will reward you with more time for your family, friends and most importantly YOU.

What makes The Urban Circle a great program to join ?

Compare The Urban Circle to other direct selling programs. We have a long history of success, making us one of the best small business opportunities available. You are free to sell to whomever you choose and as for profits, the sky is the limit as long as you are in the program!

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Our purchasing power as a high-volume direct selling company enables us to buy at low prices and we pass those savings on to you. As a high-volume direct selling company in the Promotional Products Industry, our lower selling prices give you the competitive edge – and bigger profits!

Moving on to the program, we offer a 2 year training course that you may complete at your own pace. This Mentor Protégé Program offers certification process, hours of one-on-one assistance, exclusive tradeshow, workshops and conference invitations, administration and accounting principles as well as assistance from other resources to enhance the experience. We offer real world experience and a system that you can take with you to assist you after you have graduated.

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There are not many business opportunities that you can test and completely investigate before starting. We urge you to compare our business opportunity and put it to the test. We would be delighted to send you our complete Prospectus Package - FREE of charge to help you compare and test The Urban Circle business opportunity.

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